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Emirates Passenger Book your Covid-19 RT-PCR test at any approved convenient swabbing location. Use Coupon Code provided by Emirates for special pricing.

Drive-through Coronavirus Testing

Rapid 15-minute COVID-19 Antigen Test

Taking the rapid-15 minutes COVID-19 Antigen Test. I got my test results back in 15 minutes. Easy and quick.

Remote MD

Remote MD

On or off the shore our team of experts are ready to serve you across the US.

Covid 19

Covid 19 Screening

Health experts when it comes to screening and preventing the spread of Covid 19.

Remote MD

Remote MD

Onshore or off our team of experts ready to serve you across the US.

National Reach

National Reach

Strong Network to serve our customers across USA.

Onshore, Offshore, Remote MD

The Marine Medical USA is a complete medical service center that provides high quality, efficient, and
effective health care services. Renowned to provide all-time, on-shore, off-shore, and remote MD
healthcare services, that are serving through all States of America.

Our experienced staff guarantees exceptional medical treatment, granting you complete satisfaction in
all faculties of services provided.

We make sure that all health emergencies are promptly taken care of, providing on-spot medical
assistance so the individuals can resume their duties as soon as they are healthy and fit to get back to

During these unprecedented times of COVID, we have upgraded our staff, equipment, inventory and all
hospital facilities to grant the patients complete care and assistance. We understand how difficult it is
for the on-shore and off-shore companies to deal with the unpredictable situation arising from the
corona. Marine Medical USA is here to aid the individuals along with their crew for all medical services
at hand.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Drug Testing
Drive-through Testing

Medical Care

Attention to Detail

Testing Services

Preventive Health Care Service

Onsite Covid Testing

5 Hour Test Results

Onshore, Offshore, Remote MD

Medical care, testing services, and all medical insurance claims can be smoothly dealt with with a keen focus
on individuals’ good health and well-being.

With our proximity to the ports of Fl, LA, and TX and the expertise in the specialized treatment of seafarers, we know
what conditions need urgent care and treatment, and delay can cause permanent mishaps that can be a
life-long regret. We make sure that such situations do not arise with anyone who is under treatment of
the umbrella of Marine Medical USA.

Our expert medical staff and paramedics are always available to answer all your queries and get your
appointment on an urgent basis. They will guide you with all the procedures in-depth and let you know
what is the requirements necessary for the treatment so you do not have to worry about it. Contact
them for complete guidance and assistance.

Marine Medical is a team of professionals, they provide excellent service every time. I can depend on them to keep my crew safe and healthy across the coast.

Benny Johnson

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