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Marine Medical USA is one of the leading health care services providers of medical health. Whether the
services are required on-shore or off-shore, we are there to give you all sorts of medical treatments,
tests and necessary certificates. We provide the quickest results and the fastest responses for you to
keep your work going. Our goal is to give you exceptional, high-quality services so your work doesn’t
suffer from any mishaps.

Covid-19 Screening
Covid 19
Drive-through Testing

Our Special COVID-19 related services

Covid 19



We conduct COVID tests and provide the results the same day for your convenience.

Antibody Test:

An anti-body test is essential if you need to know about any past infection that might be a cause of COVID-19.

Science Lab
Doctor's Clinic

COVID Hospitalization:

Our hospitals are equipped with the best medical equipment and our staff is trained with proper care for COVID patients

Quarantine Service:

The COVID patients need extra care and cannot be left alone due to their unpredictable conditions. However, they need to be kept in quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading.

Physical Therapist
Doctor Taking Notes

Fit to Travel Certificate:

Once the person is tested to be free from the Coronavirus, he is provided with the “Fit to Travel” Certificate that would make it easy for him to be sent back to work or go for
another work-related journey.

Preventive Medical Care:

We provide the patients with exceptional health care services that give them immunity to prevent any medical conditions which is extremely important during these times of Corona.

Doctor and Patient
Grabbing Pills

Dispensing Pharmacy:

Our dispensing pharmacy has their inventory analyzed and filled quite regularly as to make sure all items including medicine, equipment, dressing kits and the like are always available

Immigration Examination:

We provide medical history review and all physical examinations as well. All of these examinations are done by government-authorized doctors and medical practitioners.

Doctor's Appointment
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